As you know, soy milk is so good for our body.

We drink a lot soy milk in Taiwan, especially while we are having breakfast. You can buy soy milk in any breakfast store, convenience store and supermarket. This is also true for Korea. (except they dont have breakfast shops)

Most of the soy milk you buy from the stores is sweet in flavour, however, I don't like sweet things. Also, it doesn't have as much flavour as homemade soy milk.

When I went back to Taiwan the last time, I begged my mom to teach me how to make my own, healthy soy milk. She has actually been making it for several years and I love that flavour!

Here are some simple steps for making yummy soy milk, the best thing is that you can make it as strong or as sweet as you wish.

(1) Soak beans with water for 8 hours, put them in the fridge if it's summer. I usually soak the beans before going to bed and make it when i wake up next day.

(2) After 6--~8 hours, the beans will swell. Rinse them and discard loose skins.

soybean milk1  

(3) Put soybeans in a blender with 3 to 5 times the amount of water, I pour around 1500ml. You can adjust the water amount by taste for the next time- stronger flavour means less water.

(4) After blending the soybeans for around 3 to 5 mins, pour it into a cheesecloth in order to filter the soy pulp and liquid. Squeeze it hard to make sure all the soy milk liquid comes out.

soybean milk2    

(5) Put soybean milk in a pot and Boil it on a low heat, constantly stirring to avoid burning. This step actually tests your patients! After boiling, cook it about 5 to 10 mins longer. Make sure soy milk is cooked completely. (What I heard is that uncooked or not 100 percent boiled soy milk has poisonous! But I am Taiwanese so therefore extremely gullible)

soybean milk03  

And There you are~ Easy-peasy!! You can add sugar if you like it sweet.

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