Before Ray went to work, I was searching for where I can buy oriental ingridents such as Thai, Indian and Chinese spices. It appeared tht for Thai and Indian ingridents, there was a grocery store in Itaewon. Well, I'm not going back to Itaewon since I have been there almost every week thus far. 

I discovered that the highest concentration of Chinese immigrates lives Southeast of Seoul, namely Daerim and Namguro. There are many Chinese grocery stores, markets and restaurants. The weather was so nice and it was about the time for me to explore a new place in Seoul.

Daerim, Im coming!    


I took a subway to Daerim station (Line No.2 and No.7) 大林  

I came out from the exit 12. Immideately, I heard Mandarin instead of Korean. I was sure I had come to the right place! If you take a left after coming out from exit 12, you will see many Chinese restaurants, stir-fried food, noodles, hotpots and dumplings. They are definately authetic and not fusian food. Before heading back to the main street, I decided to walk around and see Daerim-dong a bit more so I went towards exit 11.

On the street, many signs are written in Chinese characters, so don't feel surprise if you only see Chinese characters on the restaurant signs. However, even a church, hospitals, banks and stores are written with Chinese characters. I thought I was walking on the street in China!  


Well, there's one thing makes me feel dispointed and uncomfortable-- people in this area eat a lot of dog, it seems that dog meat is as popular as chicken, beef and pork. There are restaurants sell dog hotpots and all kind of dog dishes everywhere. Also, some butchers only sell dog meat. OMG!! When I passed the dog meat stands, I was running away, I felt scared to see dog meat displayed.   

(the pictures below are all dog restaurants/ butchers. The signs are written in Chinese)


Even though Korean don't really eat lamb and there's no way to find lamb in Korean supermarkets, I also see so many Lamb restaurants in this area- BBQ lamb and lamb skewers. They look so yummy, Raymond will be very excited if I tell him. There are also many authetice Spicy hotpots ( and other trandtional Chinese snacks are sold on the street. 


When I saw one of my favouite street vendor foods - Lǔwèi, I almost cried out!! I bought some and couldnt wait to come home and try. The lady who sells Luwei is really kind, we were chatting... in Chinese :) She asked me if I like hot and spicy, I replied "yes". I thought she were just having a converstation with me when she prepared my food. No, she put more hot chilli source, I hope it won't taste too hot!!!   



They only costs 10,000 Won. We finished all next day when our friends, Sky and Keith came to visit us. I will definately come back here to try more different types of Luwei. 


Walking a bit further, there was one walehouse sells various Chinese products, you can find a lot sources, dried snacks, Chinese ingridents. 


I bought rice noodles, ingredients to make tea eggs, red onions, instand beef noodles, corianders and so on. Can you believe that a bag of corianders only cost 1000 won. Compared to buying it at emart or homeplus, it was rather cheap! 


I was really enjoying my adventure in Daerim. Apart from dog restaurants and dog meat, I was totally enjoying shopping while speaking Mandarin. We will come here to try out some authetic Chinese food next time! 

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